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Callaghan, Michael, b. 1952
Michael Callaghan's political posters helped define urban dissent in the 1970s. Later he founded Redback Graphix and created the popular health poster figure 'Condoman'.
McKay, Jan
Jan McKay
Norrie, Susan, b. 1953
Contemporary artist. Makes work with a social and political content.
Newmarch, Ann Foster, b. 1945
Painter, printmaker, sculptor and lecturer, studied SA Teachers' College. Member Print Council of Australia.
Walls Sometimes Speak

by Mackinolty, Chips, Roberts, Anne, Robertson, Toni. Earthworks Poster Collective.

Earthworks Collective,Chips Mackinolty and Toni Robertson, first major political poster show in Australia, touring

Towers of Torture

by Ashburn, Liz.

Towers of Torture was an exhibition curated by Therese Kenyon, as a critique of Alan Bond’s connections to South American totalitarian regimes.


by Allen, Joyce L. McC, Hickey, Dale, Hunter, Robert, Jacks, Robert, Johnson, Michael, Lanceley, Colin, Larter, Richard, Leach-Jones, Alun, Lendon, Nigel, Ramsden, Mel, Rooney, Robert, Sharp, Martin, Stacey, Wes, Strizic, Mark, Talbot, Henry, Worth, Margaret.

1968 was an exhibition of works from the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Australia, curated by Michael Desmond and Christine Dixon. As the ...