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Martin, Mandy, b. 1952
One of the activist women artists who emerged in the mid-1970s, later turned from overtly political posters and industrial landscapes to painting powerful landscapes of ...
20th Century Pig Productions
20th Century Pig Productions is identified as the designer/maker of a screen-printed poster produced for an exhibition of the work of Paul Cox and Surjit ...
Leach-Jones, Alun, b. 1937
Alun Leach-Jones was one of the generation of artists who helped define Australian colourfield art in the 1960s. Hie first came to prominence exhibiting in ...
Dear Honorary Secretary

by Alder, Alison.

Alison Alder, Working with Wollongong Art Gallery, University of Wollongong Archives: Dear Honorary Secretary, 2016. Screen print on paper, 100 x 70 cm. Source: Papers ...


by Graff, Mini.

Mini Graff, Broke, 2016. Acrylic screen print (three stencils), 100 x 70 cm. Source: Radical Wollongong and Jobs for Women, Art Resistance, 2016.

Acrylic screen print (three stencils)

Full Flight Out West

by MacDonald, Fiona.

Fiona MacDonald, Full Flight Out West, 2016. Inkjet proof for two-colour screen print, artist proof – edition 30, 40 x 57 cm. Source: Vivienne Binns, ...

Inkjet proof for two-colour screen print

1956 Olympic Arts Festival, Melbourne

by Rodriquez, John.

1956 Olympic Arts Festival, Melbourne. Melbourne’s Cultural Olympiad included five significant exhibitions: architecture and sculpture at the University of Melbourne’s Wilson Hall; painting and drawing ...