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Melbourne, Vic., 1907 – 14 October 1994

Burke founded Australia's first textile screen-printing business, Burway Prints, Melbourne 1937. Established and managed "New Design" retail outlet, founder member Society of Designers for Industry. Her textile designs featured abstract appropriations of Aboriginal designs and Australian fauna and flora. read more.

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Deborah Kelly. Deborah Kelly began making socially engaged artwork in 1983. Her collaborative projects include and the prize-winning public artwork series Hey, hetero!, created with Tina Fiveash. Her work Beware of the God - commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, and first shown in 2005 - was reiterated for the 2008 Singapore Biennale.

Deborah Klein. A printmaker whose woodblock and linocut prints have been widely published. Klein was Highly Commended in the 1996 Silk Cut Acquisitive Award for Linocut Prints. Her contribution to 'Alice 125', the 1990 exhibition celebrating Lewis Carroll's 'Alice in Wonderland' was a series of 29 woodblocks exploring the idea of 'the innocent abroad' - a tribute to two friends who died overseas.

Brad Miller. Brad Miller has typically manipulated found images and sound to create single channel video and multi-channel interactive works exploring memory and associations.

Alfred Oakley. A photographic artist and daguerrean who worked professionally as a photographer, Alfred Oakley, also known as Alfred Oakey, worked in Melbourne's Bourke St in the late nineteenth century.

Darren Sylvester. Sylvester's multi-disciplinary artistic practice encompasses photography, video, sculpture, text and painting. His choreographed photographic images are rendered with intense, glossy clarity. Themes in his work include relationships, emotions, urban alienation and the passing of time..

Penny Byrne. None

Michelle Hamer. Hamer is a Visual artist who specialises in hand-stitched tapestries on large perforated plastic canvasses. Her conceptual practice of incorporating digital images of contemporary society in her works juxtaposes with her conventional and manual stitching techniques. Hamer emphasises signage and text in her works to capture moments often ignored in the everyday.

Madame Zsa Zsa Laffine.

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