cartoonist, illustrator and writer, was a regular illustrator for Terry Lane’s column in the Sunday Age 1991-93 and has illustrated various publications for Macmillan Publishers and Curriculum Corporation, along with Penguin, Thomas Nelson and others. Her US edition of Mutt Mobiles , published in 1993, stated she was a widely published cartoonist and illustrator of a range of books and pamphlets, as well as regularly drawing comic strips for magazines. She did graphics in Overland , e.g. 135 (1994) 5 (manuscripts and wimminuscripts), 20 (woman typing flowers); 139 (1995); & 'Roget’s insomnia’ 145 (summer 1996), 9. In August 1994 she opened 'Bev Aisbett’s Ha-Ha Gallery of Comic Art’ in Gasworks Park, 15 Graham Street, Albert Park Vic 3206.

'Aisbett and Allison ', cartoonists and caricaturists, were listed on the net in 1998 at Charnwood Crescent, St Kilda Vic 3182. Taming the Black Dog: A guide to overcoming Depression , published in 2000, was dedicated to her daughter Grace (sensible, 'down-to-earth’ advice full of cartoons – mostly about dogs). A trained counsellor, she has published various self-help books, especially Living with IT about overcoming anxiety attacks, which she claims has sold over 100,000 copies in Australia and overseas and is also distributed to GPs nationwide. She also illustrated the 'Find Out Mission’ children’s books for Beazer Publishing.

ML has three original drawings (two pen, ink & gouache & one pen & ink) from its 1994 Stanley exhibition (PXD 586/AISBETT/2-4): The Fletchers – a good year 1993 ( New Weekly Magazine ACP), Spelling 1993 ( Overland magazine) and Sarah Slakk – Childless by choice 1992 ( Marmalade’s book of cats , Marmalade Press). 'Sarah Slakk appeared for two years in New Woman magazine. This strip was accepted for publication but not printed before end of contract’ – Bev Aisbett.

Since the mid-1990s Aisbett has been house cartoonist for Education Quarterly .

Kerr, Joan
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