Billy Doolan was born on Palm Island, Queensland, and is a painter working with synthetic polymer paint on canvas. He is also a wood carver and makes didgeridoos.

His language group is Bwgcolman. His father was a Wakka Wakka man from central Queensland and his mother Tagalaka from Cape York. The artist’s totem is the Brolga.

A passionate environmentalist, he has stated that “I paint to share with people my dismay and frustration at what destruction and mayhem people inflict on Mother Earth, which also encompasses our waters and oceans and the life within.” [1] He has painted a series of works under the title Patterns of Life which reflect his concerns.

IN 2001 Doolan’s works were showcased in the 2001 exhibition 'Gatherings: Contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art From Queensland Australia’. In 2009, Billy was invited to travel to Sicily for a month and to paint his impressions of the island. A series of eight paintings was commissioned through his agent and an exhibition was launched on 28 October 2010 at the Italian Institute of Culture in Melbourne, VIC.

In 2011, the artist contributed to the 'Dreamtime Exhibition’ at MAN Museum, Nuoro, on the Island of Sardinia in Italy. Doolan was the guest of honour at the opening and performed a traditional smoking ceremony for the occasion.

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