painter, worked in Townsville and other parts of North Queensland from the late 1880s at least until 1900 and a number of works are known – all far less sophisticated than the work of his Townsville contemporary Edward Bevan . James Cook University Library holds a small collection of Barker’s works, including a large panoramic watercolour view of Ross Creek in 1889 and a view of Kissing Point in 1898 ( North Queensland Herald 31 August 1898). He also worked in oils and won prizes and a bronze medal for his paintings at the Herberton Show ( North Queensland Herald 10 April 1898). Bowen Historical Society holds his painting of Bowen Harbour. Barker also did illuminated addresses; in 1899 he is known to have worked on the address presented to Robert Gordon, a local Boer War hero ( North Queensland Herald 8 May 1899).

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