cartoonist and illustrator, lives in Sydney, NSW. She normally draws directly on to a computer for geekgrrl . For the 1999 S.H. Ervin Gallery exhibition 'Artists and Cartoonists in Black and White’, however, she drew 'Geekgrrl with laptop lover’ in ink to be hung with the other exhibits. The drawing was of a glamour puss in high-heeled slippers and a revealing satin gown wired to her laptop at every orifice (cat.128).

This exposure led to Noble and another young S.H. Ervin cartoonist, Gerard Scifo , to star in Intensity: D-constructing City D-visions , curated by Jo Holder for the City Exhibition Space (run by Sydney City Council) at the Customs House, Sydney, 22 April-4 June 2000. Noble’s large original coloured cartoons together made a strip (framed in separate squares) about a comic heroine, Infinity Iam, returning 'to Artsville to discover her home has become the “new and improved” Bufftown.’ It was inspired by the changes from artists’ homes to developers’ 'artists’ studios’ in inner city Sydney.

Noble is a member of the performance group The Kingpins with Emma Price, Katie Price, and Angelica Mesiti.

Kerr, Joan
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