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Bray-Cotton, Chris, b. 1962
Contemporary Sydney illustrator and cartoonist. Bray-Cotton's first published cartoons appeared in 'Burn', a gay and lesbian magazine, in 1993. Since then her work has appeared ...
Johnston, Pam, b. 1947
An Aboriginal artist and a printmaker, Johnston is best known for her shocking work 'Untitled' which addressed the issue of Indigenous deaths in custody and ...
Rosser, Joan
Contemporary cartoonist, Rosser has been contributing cartoons for the past two decades to a number of educational publications including the AEU News and The Queensland ...
Kozic, Maria, b. 1957
Contemporary multi-media artist whose work often deals with gender issues and feminist politics. Her work includes the gigantic inflatable plastic 'Blue Boy' that topped Sydney's ...
Gemeinboek, Petra
Artist and researcher who works with/in machine performance, interactive installation and virtual environments.
Darbyshire, Jo, b. 1961
Painter, designer, political activist and a member of Women for Survival, Jo Darbyshire has created a number of works highlighting feminist issues.
Bellamy, Suzanne
An activist for feminist issues, Suzanne Bellamy has been at the forefront of pushing conventional boundaries outwards and exploring both painful personal themes and broader ...
Mauro-Flude, Nancy, b. 1975
Nancy Mauro-Flude is a performance artist. Her artistic work is heavily influenced by arcane practices, theatre and computer culture.
Wighton, Tamara
Contemporary Melbourne zine artist.
Newmarch, Ann Foster, b. 1945
Painter, printmaker, sculptor and lecturer, studied SA Teachers' College. Member Print Council of Australia.
Hanrahan, Barbara, b. 1939
A well-known twentieth-century author as well as painter.
Fogarty, Pat, b. 1937
Mid 20th century Brisbane student cartoonist and English teacher based in Grenoble, France.
MacLennan, Rosemary, b.
Irish Catholic feminist and socialist admirer of Georgia O'Keefe, MacLennan worked in Queensland in 1978, teaching at a girls' school and doing symbolic plant drawings.
Guthrie, Bessie, b. 1905
Bessie Jean (née Mitchell) Guthrie was a designer, publisher and feminist. She was the first woman to hold a solo design exhibition at the East ...
Whyte, Janie Wilkinson, b. 1869
Whyte was from the 'first wave' of feminist artists and among the first women in Melbourne to paint dockyard scenes. Although she painted flowers and ...
Sommers, Dora L.
Early 20th century painter and illustrator, Dora Sommers contributed work to the Women's National League Journal - an 'arty' right-wing but feminist group with an ...
Ely, Bonita, b. 1946
Bonita Ely established her reputation as an environmental artist in the early 1970s through her work on the Murray Darling rivers. She has a diverse ...
Phoenix, Frances, b. 1950
Contemporary political feminist printmaker, Phoenix (Budden) created political feminist prints, posters and needlework in the 1970s. Her work 'Remember Mick Fowler' is held in the ...
Whitmore, Lee, b. 1947
Contemporary animator whose films feature a feminist aesthetic.
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