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Nancy Mauro-Flude is an artist, writer and curator based in Tasmania. Her research engages with digital materiality, embodiment and computer culture in a speculative manner.

Graduate of MFA in Networked Media & Design, Piet Zwart Inst. Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam (2007). Alumni of DasArts: advanced institute for performing arts, Amsterdam School of Art (2001-4).

She has been be the recipient in numerous awards, including; various Australia Council for the Arts presentation and promotion grants (2003) (2004(2003)(2011)(2012), a studio residency at the Museum Quarter, Vienna (2009), an Arts Tasmania Individuals grant(2009-12), and was an Australia Council Jump Mentor (2011-2).

Currently director of Miss Despoina's Critical Engineering Space (producing works inspired by computer culture, from a feminist perspective).

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