ADELTA critical digital method Project

ADELTA is the Australian Directory of Electronic Literature and Text-based Art.
The directory emerges from the Creative Nation ARC discovery funded project: Writers and Writing in the New Media Arts led by Assoc. Prof Anna Gibbs and Dr Maria Angel from the Writing and Society Research Group in the School of Humanities and Communication Arts at the University of Western Sydney.

This project critically explores interdisciplinary uses of quasi duplicate and complementary data using DAAO and Adelta content as test case.

Stage one: identify matching records across datasets.
Stage two: Enrich records across datasets through data exchange and additional research.
Stage 3: play. Filter. Explore gaps and mapping dissonances. Don’t ontologize. Anti- aggregate and see what happens.
Stage 4… In gestation. Workshops in July 2014.

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  • fulleg April 9, 2014 Ok, I've added all the target records and created stubs for missing one. Now we need to fill in more detail on these. The automated linking feature ( coming online in a few months) will really enhance the DAAO records , so we'l; be able to plunder lots there too.
  • fulleg April 11, 2014 I've fixed the duplicate records and am now just enhancing some of the records. Feel free to add detail to the newly created stubs. Nelson, Smith, Denham, Murphie, Gibbs.

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