Artists' Books

This project aims to build a presence on the DAAO for artists creating artists’ books. In the simplest terms, an artists’ book is a book or book-like object that is intended to serve as a work of art in itself. This genre of art is quite broad, as the works may vary considerably with regard to the interpretation of a book’s characteristics, and it has a short history, first appearing around the mid-1960s in Europe and North America.

The Baillieu Library Special Collections, University of Melbourne, has an extensive gathering of artists’ books. These works will serve as the foundation for the biographical entries in this project, which is also open access.

If you would like to contribute, simply sign up or login to Design & Art Australia Online and then click JOIN under the project status bar on this page. You can then create new biographies and add them to this project folder, or add to any of the stub entries already sitting in the project folder.

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  • boltoo July 3, 2012 great work Emma! this is so exciting to get these artists' books from Melb uni collections onto DAAO. !!
  • fulleg July 9, 2012 Boltoo! its EMILY! sheesh. xxx
  • boltoo June 21, 2013 Fulleg, did you log in from my account again ;-)

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