'cyberfeminist art'- who gets the tag

In preparation for our new data exchange relationship with the ARC funded 'Scanlines’ project. I’ve been creating records to better expose the works and circles of australian cyberfeminist art.

As I start hooking people up as I find new collaborations or shared exhibitions, I start wondering who gets the tag?

Josie Starrs, Francesca da Rimini as members of vns_matrix are easy to tag 'cyberfeminist’ as they are credited, along with Sadie Plant with coining the term. Linda Dement creator of 'Cyberflesh Girlmonster’ gets one. How about Sarah Waterson? her work is contemporaneous and she is strongly associated with early digital media art in australia? This project is an exploration in the networks of feminist art in the 90s and probably a meditation on tagging. All welcome!

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