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Gillian Fuller (me) likes to keep Deborah Kelly’s profile up to date on DAAO. She does it because she admires Deborah’s work and wants it to be recognised online.

I also used to be DAAO’s research director and have an ongoing interest in using DAAO as a research tool in all kinds of ways.

I began noticing that as I added details of Deborah’s latest works or exhibitions on DAAO, i would find myself adding in a lot of other records of artists who were associated with Deborah in some way (they exhibited with her, or she’d mention them on her FB feed ( which I use quite a bit to check details of her exhibs).

She was curating a really fascinating and not nearly sufficiently recorded section on australian contemporary art to me and by extension the DAAO. I thought I might start documenting this as of 31 mar 2015 and see if anything develops.

I’m putting 100 as a target-(only bx I want to see if it really does motivate me) but who knows, there’s no destination – this is about a journey.

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  • fulleg March 31, 2015 31 mar 2015; Added PP/VT- attached 7 existing artists. created 1 new artist NASR, 1 new curator. via FB feed ( random glance looking for stg else) jessie Dean- 1 new artist. + I new attached exhib
  • fulleg March 31, 2015 almost forgot the whole night started with Yininmadyemi which DK had on FB.
  • fulleg March 31, 2015 Did the commercial one at karen Woodbury - didn't feel like adding other OZ artist as I was too preciccupied iwth AEAF exhib which looked good, so I decide to fill out Brown CVouncil ( who were exhibiting at AEAF) by adding 2 new records. Kate Blackmore and Frances Barrett. so now all parts of brown council are up.
  • fulleg April 1, 2015 APRIL 1; I informed DK of what I was doing and after some natural ambivalence based around an initial 'sense of responsibility' , she responded today rather cheekily by tagging me in a FB post about Tim Silver. I bit and checked is was on DAAO- NO! So 1 x new Record Tim Silver, I new Exhibition Sullivan and Strumpt- the one she tagged me in. 1 x new Work. Then thinking upon D's concern that everyone did have such complete records ( perhaps as hers, which isn't bad), I resolved to add a few details to each new record motivated by her. So no STUBs in the bycatch. added Biennale 12 of Adelaide, which shockingly , was not in DAAO. and added him to You're so Vain: five contemporary sculptors (Karen Woodbury) which we had. Karen Woodbury caught my eye, bx I entered it yesterday for DK. I note this exhib now had FOUR sculptors or the FIVE its title referred to. Google- Trove 1st link found missing name Lisa Roet- she's in DAAO- LINK her to YOUR so vain and now that record has complete artist list. sweet. nice place to stop.

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