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Cockburn, Paul
An industrial designer and a principal of the design practice, "Design Field". His career to 1986 is summarised in an interview with Charles Furey. "The ...
Updated Nov. 3, 2023
Richardson, Doug
Doug Richardson was a member of the experimental video art group Bush Video in the 1970s.
Updated April 26, 2023
Blakebrough, Les, b. 1930
Renowned ceramicist and ceramics educator, first at Sturt Workshops, later in Hobart, Tasmania. Last studio in Coledale, NSW. Pioneer in Australian porcelain clay, described as ...
Updated Dec. 20, 2022
Marcus, Donna
Sculptor who has created small works as well as large public art commissions using, or inspired by, domestic kitchen equipment.
Updated Oct. 17, 2022
DeBoos, Janet
Canberra-based designer and ceramicist known for her fine handmade porcelain vessels.
Updated Jan. 30, 2022
Ousback, Anders, b. 1951
Well-known and admired Sydney restaurateur and ceramicist.
Updated Jan. 30, 2022
Davis, Paul, b. 1951
Esteemed Australian ceramicist whose works are often inspired by the Japanese aesthetic. He ran Sturt Pottery in Mittagong between 2001 and 2008.
Updated Jan. 17, 2022
Baskett, Jonathan
Baskett is known for his ranges of multi-coloured hand-blown glass tableware. A skilled glassblower, he has chosen to licence most of his designs for production ...
Updated Sept. 18, 2021
Beauvais, Charles Frederick, b.
Beauvais was an industrial designer. He immigrated to Australia ca.1937 and worked as an artist/illustrator for The Argus, Melbourne, later established a business in Sydney, ...
Updated Sept. 18, 2021
McDermott, Ruth, b.
Sydney-based lighting designer who originally trained and worked as an industrial designer. McDermott's practice has spanned architectural, residential, corporate and site-specific art projects.
Updated Sept. 18, 2021
Bamford, Roderick
Designer, ceramicist and sculptor. Bamford designed 'The Artist Cup Collection' for Australian coffee company, Manfredi Enterprises, Sydney, in 1999.
Updated Sept. 18, 2021
Fish, Donald, b. 1929
Fish produced poster designs, logotypes, packaging, TV commercials and illustrations for major clients around the world, including Cadbury's, British Airways, Qantas and TIME Magazine. Founder ...
Updated Sept. 17, 2021
Rossler, Liane
Liane is an artist, designer, curator, and creative advisor on design, art and the environment. Recent work includes Superlocalstudio, Here and Now, Happy Talk and ...
Updated Sept. 16, 2021
Bush Video
Bush Video were the main group of people using video as an experimental art form in the early 1970s in Australia.
Updated Jan. 21, 2021
Goulder, Jon, b. 1970
Goulder is a furniture designer and maker who began his career in his family's furniture company E.W. Goulder and Sons, Bowral. He studied at the ...
Updated April 12, 2020
Updated Feb. 23, 2020
Isogawa, Akira, b. 1964
Internationally acclaimed Australian fashion designer based in Sydney. He has had a long association with the Sydney Dance Company as a designer of their costumes.
Updated Dec. 13, 2019
Foster, Robert, b. 1962
Foster studied silversmithing at the Art School, ANU, founding the Canberra-based jewellery and household object design company F!NK + Co in 1993. In 1997, Gretel ...
Updated Dec. 13, 2019
Nielsen, Carl, b. 1930
Industrial designer and design educator. He studied at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and established a private practice as Carl Nielsen Design ca.1961, which ...
Updated Sept. 3, 2018
Smith, Richard Bartholomew
Enigmatic figure who created a highly sophisticated, functioning model of the astronomical clock in Strasbourg Cathedral in France. The model is in the collection of ...
Updated May 28, 2015
Hosking, Marian
Melbourne-based silversmith and jewellery designer who creates intricate wearable pieces, vessels and sculpted objects out of silver.
Updated Oct. 28, 2014
Heathcote, Rex, b. 1954
Heathcote is a furniture designer and maker trading as Rex Heathcote Furniture based in Launceston. He also manufactures furniture from other designers under license including ...
Updated July 28, 2014
Williamson, Liz, b. 1949
Textile artist Liz Williamson began weaving in the late 1970s. Sometimes wearable, sometimes for display, her artworks have been exhibited and collected in Japan, Canada, ...
Updated July 10, 2014
Mount, Nick, b. 1952
Nick Mount is a prolific and pre-eminent glass artist based in Adelaide. Since the early 1980s he has educated and exhibited widely in Australia and ...
Updated July 9, 2014
Smith, Penny, b. 1947
Ceramicist based in Hobart who established the Ceramics Research Unit at the University of Tasmania in 1995-1997 with Les Blakebrough.
Updated June 28, 2013