Sydney Architecture 1975-2000

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Freedman, George Henry, b. 1936
Freedman trained as an architect. His interior design career began with Kahn & Jacobs Architects, a New York City firm. He later shifted to London, ...
Updated June 10, 2019
McKay, Ian, b. 1932
Ian McKay was a notable architect in Sydney during the 1960s, including a brief partnership with Philip Cox; he also built significant residences around the ...
Updated Feb. 5, 2016
Taylor, Jennifer , b. 1935
Professor Jennifer Taylor (1933-) was a leading teacher of architectural history at the University of Sydney, then University of Queensland, and the author of the ...
Updated Feb. 5, 2016
Woolley, Ken, b. 1933
Ken Woolley (1933–2015) was a leading Sydney architect of major public buildings and innovative residences. He worked for the Government Architect's Branch of the NSW ...
Updated Nov. 30, 2015
Rosselli, Luigi, b. 1957
Luigi Rosselli (1957–) is a Milan-born architect who designs prestigious residential and retail buildings and interiors. He established his practice in Sydney in 1985, after ...
Updated Nov. 25, 2015
Rice, Kevin
Kevin Rice is a Sydney architect who was was active from the 1960s through the 1990s; first as a partner of Hans Peter Oser and ...
Updated Nov. 23, 2015