Design & Art Australia Online is working with the Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT) to share data about Australian artists working on art/science collaborations.

We are building on information from ANAT’s Synapse database to publish comprehensive biographies of Synapse members within the DAAO.

You can help by adding information to the records in this folder.

Are you an artist interested in art/science collaborations? Perhaps you should get in touch with the Australian Network for Art and Technology.

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  • stokel Aug. 4, 2011 Hi, I've just joined the DAAO. How can I contribute to the Synapse Project?
  • boltoo Oct. 17, 2011 Hi Stokel, All you need to do is click 'JOIN' under the status bar at the top right of this page. Then, when you create a new bio, you can add it to the Synapse Project folder. Enjoy! Boltoo

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