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The Cross Art Projects foregrounds contemporary work and curatorial projects that reflect the multiple relationships between art and life, art and the public sphere, and explores the boundaries of this context. We are attentive to the local without sacrificing the scope of Indigenous and international views. Cross Art enhances its projects with conversations, walks and events on contemporary art, urban planning, architecture and heritage.
Data push to get Cross Arts archive onto DAAO.

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  • fulleg July 20, 2015 Finding a few DAAO gaps in Green bans exhib data. Margaret Grafton needs a bio. someone at crossarts has wriiten a wonderful one. Its here - Jo do you know who wrote it? could we get permission to publish it?
    • holdej Oct. 1, 2015 Hi Gillian, if you are talking about the download pdf, then I wrote this and of course you have permission. I also have short texts by Jane Burns and Daniel Grafton (her son) if multiples are useful. Both are valuable works. pdf at
  • fulleg July 20, 2015 Green Bans- about 6 news bios- go back and chk
  • fulleg July 20, 2015 Cross arts has lovely bio- who wrote it? we's like to use.
  • fulleg July 20, 2015 Mike Jones Michael Jones: is Mike Jones the Michael Jones in the Wording of Police Charges exhib?
  • fulleg July 21, 2015 Can't get fulleg out of author line in keep getting 500 errors when I try and delete in mongo admin- ask liv
  • fulleg July 21, 2015 Ok have discovered holdej wrote grafton bio- tried change in mongo and again got 500 error. It must be me...
  • fulleg July 21, 2015 PATRICK JONES in not enough info to disambiguate and find out who this is.
    • holdej Oct. 1, 2015 Patrick Jones is a artist, poet, permaculture activist who lives in Dalylesford, Victoria and active in Melbourne. Links: Blog: This is a 2006 artist protest in Melbourne;
  • fulleg July 21, 2015 Michael Gormley Tunnel Vision- is this Us Michael Gormley?
  • fulleg July 21, 2015 Need help:
  • fulleg July 22, 2015 Change author of bio note to holdej
  • fulleg July 22, 2015 sue Barnett? susan Barnett?
  • fulleg July 22, 2015 Conceptual Crochet;; I don't this this is the I'm looking for - this too young
  • fulleg July 22, 2015 Helen Nicholson - cc ??
  • fulleg July 22, 2015 BIO change to holdej
  • fulleg July 22, 2015 On Neon Michael Gormly again
  • fulleg July 22, 2015 Twist Creative on neon- there are a few twist creatives.. which one? local guy ( who looks too young for 2004 or an international franchise?
  • fulleg July 22, 2015 this one is a bit confusing on CA archive... need guidance
  • fulleg July 22, 2015 location NGA?

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