Use DAAO as a teaching tool

Lecturers from across Australia have found the database useful as a teaching resource. Most of the time, projects using DAAO are incorporated into coursework programs for postgraduate students.

Some of the benefits of using DAAO as a teaching resource include:
• The opportunity for students to interview living artists
• An introduction to collaborative research
• Practice writing factual biographies. This is very different to art criticism and other ways of writing about art.

In using the database, Lecturers must:
• Be familiar with our Contributor Guidelines and Style Guide
• Be registered as a DAAO moderator
• Review and correct student content before it is posted to the database. Please do not allow your student to post unedited work to DAAO. This creates work for other moderators, who will likely remove the content. Biographies should only be added once the lecturer is satisfied that they are veracious and adhere to DAAO guidelines.


When does it work?
• When lecturers work closely with students
• When the class has read and understood our Contributor Guidelines
• When lecturers are DAAO Moderators and are familiar with how the site works.
• When lecturers moderate student work BEFORE it is posted to DAAO.

When doesn’t it work?
• When lecturers do not understand our Contributor Guidelines
• When lecturers are not DAAO members
• When lecturers do not approve student work before it is posted online.