Manage my profile

Your DAAO profile provides a space to store and organise your research, find other members and receive notifications.

To edit your profile, scroll over the ‘Data In’ tab on the home page and select the ‘My Workspace’ link. Once in your private profile, click on ‘My settings’ displayed in the left hand menu.

Member and moderator names
• Use of a real name allows contributions to be more easily traced to an individual. This will enable other researchers to find you, discuss your research and/or invite you to projects. However, you may prefer not to use your real name in an online environment. You have the option to set how you display your name when you edit your profile.

• Like other public sites such as Wikipedia, we ask that you do not register a username that includes the name of an identifiable living person unless it is your real name. This includes implying a relationship with another person. If you share a name with a well-known person, you need to make it clear that you are not the well-known person of that name. These types of usernames may be blocked by a site administrator until we can verify your identity. Please don’t take offence if we query, we’re trying to prevent somebody from impersonating you!

Note: if you enter a first name and last name, this will be publicly displayed. If you do not enter your first name and last name, your username will be publicly displayed.

Important: Give as much detailed information on your research interests as possible, so relevant researchers can find you and, if you are a moderator, you’ll receive relevant notifications.