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Featherston, Grant, b. 1922
Featherston was an Industrial design and design industry leader. Recognised for his furniture and exhibition work in partnership with Mary Featherston, he helped to form ...
Updated May 2, 2020
Meadmore, Clement, b. 1929
Well known as a sculptor, Meadmore began his career as a designer. His furniture was sold at Marion Hall Best’s showrooms and his lighting design ...
Updated Feb. 8, 2019
Hirst, Michael, b. 1917
Michael Hirst was a designer/manufacturer with a small factory in Hawthorn (2-3 workers), dates uncertain. He began designing with Clement Meadmore in 1955 and Hirst ...
Updated March 11, 2015
White, Mary, b. 1912
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Updated July 26, 2012