Australian Furniture Designers 1930-2000

Listing of known furniture designers and retailers actively developing furniture for serial production (i.e. more than one) from 1930-2000. Referenced information gathered from magazines, newspaper, interviews and other sources.

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  • Chairaholic June 7, 2016 Hello Folks, My name is Geoff. I'm a keen collector of Australian Modern Design Chairs and have been quietly researching Australian company's and designers for a number of years now. Hopefully I can help you with your project. I would be interested to hear your ideas of how i might be able to help with input and the way you would like it uploaded or listed. Thank you for allowing me to enter this discussion and and if you would like to contact me by email, please do. Thank you
    • annie_3133 Aug. 30, 2016 Hi Geoff, I have come to this site through a similar interest in Australian designers, manufacturers and retailers of mid century furniture. I have a sideboard and extendable dining room table with six chairs. They have the logo of Mobler in Camberwell on one of the drawers and under the table. I would be very interested if anyone can tell me whether they were imported or made locally. I have photos but am not sure if I can load them up onto this site Thanks Annie
      • boglem Aug. 30, 2016 Hello Annie, generally, photos on the site are uploaded by institutions because of copyright issues, etc. I recommend you contact Geoff through his tag Chairaholic (above)or write to him at P.O. Box 5423 Mordialloc, Vic. I don't know Mobler but geoff might have some knowledge, esp. Melbourne. Any problems, let me know. Michael Bogle
        • annie_3133 Aug. 30, 2016 Thanks boglem, there is an entry about Mobler on DAAO and I thought I might be able to upload my photos to the site as it said 'we know of no works by mobler - you can help by linking one here'. The images are my own photos of our mobler furniture bearing their logo. I thought it might be helpful for other people also interested in this area of Australian design. cheers Annie
  • ScotchEgo March 4, 2018 Hi Folks, I'm a collector that's gone retail. I enjoy doing research as much as the restoration work. I thought I may be able to contribute to the public record in an effort to build recognition for local talent and develop greater appreciation of our own history. I also hope that I can be a link in the chain that changes the way our society consumes. My resources are at your service whether it be use of photos or pieces of furniture. Scott PS. Catriona you may recall my instagram account - woodjunksoda. Hello. PPS. Michael, Catriona mentioned you may be publishing a book on Australian Tubular Steel furniture. I mention it as I have an interesting piece
    • boglem Sept. 12, 2023 Hello Scotch Ego, here's the bit of work on tubular steel. Don't think there is a book in it but certainly one on interiors of this era! Load up DAAO with your findings! CANTILEVER STEEL TUBE CHAIRS IN AUSTRALIA on
  • newtog Nov. 29, 2023 I recently parted with four Bruce Hyett chairs and see there is not much on him or images online I would be interested to do a better biographical entry if I could find more details.

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