Past and Present. National Women's Art Exhibition 1995

Recovering the lost archive and imagining the new. This is an evolving project facilitated through Contemporary Art and Feminism (CAF). CAF is currently based at the University of Sydney, across disciplines of visual arts and art history, but hopes to attract participants and contributors from around Australia and internationally who represent the most dynamic and current interpretations of the links between contemporary art and feminism.

At the moment CAF and DAAO are working together to fill in the gaps of feminist art exhibitions and events between 1975- 1995. One major resource for this is Past Present: The National Women’s Art Anthology edited by Joan Kerr and Jo Holder (Craftsman House), 1999. But surely there are more resources around. This is a public project. Please feel free to join. ( Just remember to become a DAAO member first – Its free and quick.

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  • fulleg Aug. 5, 2014 data cleaning issues: two records for 1934 EXhibition.
  • fulleg Aug. 5, 2014 2. Merge 2 INTO 1. ( no 1 is better record)
  • fulleg Aug. 5, 2014 Question for Eric. I wonder how we should proceed with exhibitions that are not 1995. Ie P & P p 198. ie Beth Jackson curated 2 exhibitions at Griffith Artworks. Do we include as part of NWAE event or deal with differently...
    • riddle Oct. 5, 2014 I think the non 1995 exhibitions listed in PastPresent should be listed. Besides the South Australian suffrage centenary shows, there were also shows launched elsewhere in 1994 in anticipation of the NWAE and others held in 1996, especially in regional galleries which put on their own side-shows when they hosted touring exhibitions that had started their rounds in the previous year. Another issue is what to do about the women artists' exhibitions in Queensland in March 1995 which aren't listed in PastPresent but seem to be - in at least one case specifically identified in the catalogue - as NWAE shows? We were gathering information for the PastPresnt appendix in a very analogue time, all taken from faxes, phone calls, invitations and mailed survey forms and, apparently, the records of some regions' efforts were lost in transit.
  • fulleg Oct. 27, 2014 Hi Eric, if we have time that would be great!

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