Past and Present. National Women's Art Exhibition 1995

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Ford, Sue, b. 1943
Photographer whose work is held in the collection of the National Gallery of Australia.
Updated March 17, 2023
Updated March 17, 2023
Jerrems, Carol, b. 1949
Carol Jerrems was the first contemporary Australian woman photographer to have work acquired by a number of museums including the National Gallery of Australia.
Updated March 17, 2023
Phoenix, Frances, b. 1950
Contemporary political feminist printmaker, Phoenix (Budden) created political feminist prints, posters and needlework in the 1970s. Her work 'Remember Mick Fowler' is held in the ...
Updated March 17, 2023
Redpath, Norma, b. 1928
Norma Redpath was a leading sculptor of the generation who emerged after World War II. Her success was even more remarkable as her career was ...
Updated March 15, 2023
Mayo, Daphne, b. 1895
Stronger than the stone she carved, this widely collected female artist's promotion of the arts rivalled her international sculpting career, by setting up several bequests ...
Updated March 15, 2023
Madigan, Rosemary Wynnis, b. 1926
South Australian born sculptor who concentrated on carving stone and wood to produce classically modern sculptures, mainly based on the human figure. Also an influential ...
Updated March 15, 2023
Lovett, Mildred Esther, b. 1880
Painter, pastellist, lithographer, sculptor and china painter, born in Hobart Lovett succeeded Sydney Long as Julian Ashton's assistant teacher in Sydney. An influential teacher, her ...
Updated March 15, 2023
Hinder, Margel Ina, b. 1906
Sculptor, born in New York she moved to Australia with her husband and became involved in the Austalian modernist movement. Her later career includes large ...
Updated March 15, 2023
Updated March 15, 2023
Long, Olive, b. 1906
Known for her commercial work in England, Long worked mainly as painter after emigrating to Australia. Her work was regularly included in the Archibald Prize.
Updated March 10, 2023
Robertson, Toni, b. 1953
Printmaker, Toni Robertson gave up art due to poisoning by chemicals used to make posters at the Tin Sheds Gallery, at the University of Sydney.
Updated March 3, 2023
McMahon, Marie, b. 1953
In 1984 Marie McMahon created 'You are on Aboriginal Land,' screenprint poster. The work is held at the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery in Victoria.
Updated March 3, 2023
Preston, Margaret, b. 1875
Margaret Preston specialised in still life subjects, seeking to reinvent the genre, with inspiration from Aboriginal art and Australian native flowers, but she also made ...
Updated Feb. 19, 2023
Updated Jan. 19, 2023
Tindall, Nessie, b. 1890
Sydney based watercolourist, illustrator and teacher active during the first half of the twentieth century. The artist was the daughter of the Scottish born marine ...
Updated Jan. 13, 2023
Scarvell, Jessie E., b. 1862
A painter, Scarvell exhibited frequently with the Art Society of New South Wales in the late 1800s and was included in the 'Exhibition of Australian ...
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Mansfield, Janet, b. 1934
As a speaker, writer, publisher, juror and convenor, Janet Mansfield put Australian ceramics on the international stage. Her magazine "Ceramics: Art and Perception" set a ...
Updated Sept. 14, 2022
Updated Sept. 12, 2022
Smith, Grace Cossington, b. 1892
Painter, born in Neutral Bay, Sydney. A student of Dattilo Rubbo, Cossington Smith was quick to absorb modernist ideas and in 1915 exhibited 'The Sock ...
Updated Sept. 8, 2022
Burke, Frances, b. 1907
Burke founded screen-printing business, Burway Prints, Melbourne 1937. Established and managed "New Design" retail outlet, founder member Society of Designers for Industry. Her textile designs ...
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Updated Aug. 16, 2022
Lindsay, Ruby, b. 1887
Early 20th century Melbourne and London illustrator and cartoonist. Member of the influential Lindsay and (by marriage) Dyson families. She won several awards in her ...
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