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Leist, Frederick William, b. 1873
Lleist was an early 20th century Sydney and London painter, cartoonist, war artist and teacher. He was an inaugural council member of the Sydney Society ...
Updated Sept. 2, 2023
de Maistre, Roy, b. 1894
Roy De Maistre, along with Roland Wakelen and Grace Cossington Smith was one of the pioneers of Post Impressionism in Australia. Later, in England, he ...
Updated Sept. 2, 2023
Wilson, Eric
Wilson was a painter who studied at the Julian Ashton School, Sydney, later travelling to Europe where he was influenced by the Cubist movement through ...
Updated Sept. 2, 2023
Thompson, Tom
Painter and sketcher, is best known as a mural artist, e.g. Australia House, London; Parramatta City Council; Kingsford Smith International Airport.
Updated Aug. 31, 2023
Wakelin, Roland, b. 1887
Modernist painter, Roland Wakelin, was born in New Zealand in 1887. He moved to Sydney, Australia in 1912 where he studied under Antonio Dattilo Rubbo ...
Updated May 17, 2023
Mansell, William Arthur Byram, b. 1893
Mansell was a painter, illustrator and theatre designer whose work diverse artistic practices, which ranged from painting to set design, were very much influenced by ...
Updated May 12, 2023
Day, Martin James, b. 1967
Day is a wildlife and portrait artist. He has broad experience in illustration, drawing and sign writing.
Updated May 12, 2023
Lyon, Cottier & Co.
Lyon, Cottier & Co. began in Sydney in 1873 with premises in Pitt Street. The company specialized in painted schemes & glass, but dealt in ...
Updated May 5, 2023
Powditch, Peter, b. 1942
Peter Powditch first began to paint and sculpt his celebrations of the beach and bikini culture in the late 1960s. He was also active as ...
Updated March 30, 2022
Nankervis, Peter
Nankervis was an artist and photographer providing murals for the Technical Centre, General Motors (opened 1964), Holden as well as an automotive designer working for ...
Updated Jan. 10, 2022
Plowright, Terrence, b. 1949
Terrance Plowright, born in Sydney in 1949, is a sculptor and designer. He has been commissioned by various public, corporate and ecclesiastical sources to create ...
Updated Sept. 20, 2021
Fish, Donald, b. 1929
Fish produced poster designs, logotypes, packaging, TV commercials and illustrations for major clients around the world, including Cadbury's, British Airways, Qantas and TIME Magazine. Founder ...
Updated Sept. 17, 2021
Thake, Eric, b. 1904
Mid 20th century Melbourne surrealist, graphic and commercial artist and illustrator, designer and painter. A mural by Thake for the ETA peanut butter factory, Braybrook ...
Updated May 9, 2021
Olley, Margaret, b. 1923
After her first Australian solo painting exhibitions, Olley worked and exhibited in France in the 1950s. An endearing personality, Olley had many travelling and working ...
Updated Dec. 19, 2020
Dyring, Moya, b. 1909
A painter, working primarily in Brisbane and Paris. A reference has been made to her work as a muralist with Sam Atyeo in Melbourne.
Updated Dec. 11, 2020
Buzacott, Nutter, b. 1905
Buzacott was a printmaker, commercial artist (graphic designer), political illustrator, painter and teacher. A mural by Buzacott is also known. He travelled widely in Australia ...
Updated Nov. 8, 2020
Collings, Dahl, b. 1909
Dahl Collings was a painter, commercial artist, graphic and exhibition designer, illustrator, costume and textile designer, photographer and documentary film-maker. Often working in partnership with ...
Updated Aug. 29, 2020
O'Connell, Michael, b. 1898
O'Connell was a Melbourne designer of hand-printed textiles. He later became associated with Cynthia Reed and Frederick Ward in interior design.
Updated May 2, 2020
Curtis, Robert Emerson, b. 1898
Mid 20th century illustrator and artist. In 1922 Curtis travelled to the USA with his great friend, the pioneer filmmaker, Charles Chauvel. There he developed ...
Updated Dec. 13, 2019
Albury, Winn, b. 1896
Twentieth century female watercolourist who worked as a commercial in Sydney and Sacremento, California. Work found amongst her estate included a number of designs for ...
Updated Dec. 13, 2019
Sellheim, Gert Hugo Emmanuel, b. 1901
Sellheim was a graphic artist and industrial designer. He won the Sulman Prize in 1939 and was one of the first poster artists to work ...
Updated Nov. 26, 2019
Merfield, Bertha Elizabeth, b. 1869
Known for her mural paintings in Victoria, Bertha E. Merfield was a pioneer of landscape painting among female artists in Australia. Her mural for the ...
Updated Nov. 17, 2019
Cassab, Judy, b. 1920
Painter born in Austria. Resident of Sydney she is a prolific and accomplished artist, able to paint portraits in a single sitting if necessary. Cassab ...
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Haxton, Elaine Alys, b. 1909
Painter, printmaker and designer, Haxton worked through the 1930s as a commercial artist in both Sydney and London. In 1943 she won the Sulman Prize ...
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